ASTM Drop Tester
ASTM Drop Tester

ASTM Drop Tester GT-M35B

(children products testing)

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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    ISO 8124-1, GB 6675-2, ASTM F963, 16CFR 1500

ASTM Drop Tester


The tester is to determine the toys fall on the floor through a certain height, fall in a certain number, then check whether the hazardous sharp points, hazardous sharp edges, hazardous small parts and hazardousdriving mechanisms have become accessible.


ISO 8124-1 

GB 6675-2


16CFR 1500

Test Range

Glass toys or parts, expansive material toys or parts, the cover of toy drive device,all of  hard materials covering in the face (such as goggles, space helmets or welding masks), hard toy ball, the can be touched magnetic components of toys, toys attached to food.

Key Specifications 

ASTM Drop Tester

Applications Industry 
All kinds of children products can be tested on the ASTM Drop Tester

ASTM Drop Tester


Subject : ASTM Drop Tester GT-M35B

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