Cars also need furniture testing equipment Apr 25, 2018

With the increasing consumer demand for the appearance and technology of the car, various parts of the car are constantly changing. The car seat is mainly for comfort, the basic structure has not changed much, but the material, function and design are all had great changes. At the same time, the quality requirements of the consumers on the car seats are also increasing, so the quality of the car seats must be ensured at the same time when the car seat technology is improved. The instruments and equipment developed by GESTER Instruments for safety testing of car seats are indispensable instrumentation for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of automobiles.

The main test items for car seats:

1.Car seat strength test:

Car seat base pressure fatigue test, seat load durable, handrail, headrest fatigue performance test;

2.Car seat back life test:

Car seat (including rear seat, single seat) skeleton assembly durability test. A certain amount of force is applied continuously backwards or forwards to make a fatigue test for the seat frame assembly.

3.Realize the static test of the car seat backrest:

Tests on static fatigue performance of backrests; tensile fatigue tests on the front and back sides of seat backs;

4.Car sponge cushion performance testing:

  • Falling ball resilience of car seat sponge
  • Car seat sponge thickness and hardness testing
  • Car cushion sponge combustion performance test

GESTER specializes in furniture testing equipment. Provides standard testing solutions that can customize the instrument according to standard requirements.

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