Glow Wire Tester
Glow Wire Tester Glow Wire Tester Glow Wire Tester Glow Wire Tester Glow Wire Tester

IEC60695 Glow Wire Tester Apparatus GT-MC35H

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    IEC60695, GB5169

Glow Wire Tester


Glow wire test apparatus is the latest release of the flaming test equipment, with imports of touch-screen controller and instrument.

New test circuit, stable performance, reliable, simple and easy to operate. wide range of parameter adjustment. Apply to the latest test standards IEC60695,GB5169, etc.

Standards of glow wire test:




1. LCD Display, Programmable controller, touch-screen control system

2. Full import control components of the glow wire test apparatus.

3. Special high-quality stainless steel clamps.

4. Wireless remote control timing device.

5. Advanced temperature control ang measuremtnt system.

Glow Wire Tester

Key Specifications

Glow Wire Tester

Applications Industry 
All kinds of below materials can be tested on the Glow Wire Test Apparatus GT-MC35H

glow wire tester GT-MC35H


Subject : IEC60695 Glow Wire Tester Apparatus GT-MC35H

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