Transportation Vibration Tester
Transportation Vibration Tester

Transportation Vibration Tester GT-M11

(children products testing)

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    ISO 9001, UKAS, CE
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    ISTA, ASTM D999

ISTA Vibration meter


The machine is to simulate the goods in transit, encounter different road conditions such as bumpy, uphill, downhill, cornering, etc., products in the car produce the collision between goods and goods or goods and car and the extrusion between goods and goods, etc., causing damage to the products, so that the quality of goods and goods packaging can be further improved. Mainly used for vibration test of toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, communications, equipment, computers and car parts.



ASTM D999 


1. Have buffer start function, work medium noise very low.

2. Digital meter shows the vibration frequency

3. Synchronization silencing belt transmission

4. The sample clamping adopts guide rail type, easy to operate and safe

5. The machine base adopts heavy channel steel with vibration damping pads, easy to install, operate steadily, no need to install foot screws

6. Dc motor speed regulation, smooth operation, strong load capacity

7. Rotary vibration (commonly known as monkey type), Accord with standard of Europe and the United States transportation

Key Specifications 

ISTA Vibration meter

Applications Industry 
All kinds of children products can be tested on the Transportation Vibration Tester.

ISTA Vibration meter


Subject : Transportation Vibration Tester GT-M11

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